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Spray tanning


Azure Full body tan

Bronzed godess

At Afterglow we use azure. With either a green base or violet base. Depending on your skin type. Because your skin is constantly creating new skin cells on the epidermis level, any skin treatment will fade over time. Spray tans generally last for 7-10 days, depending on the coverage you requested. 


Leave our spray tan to process for 1-4 hours and recommended to come 2 days before your event or occasion. No stickiness, no smell. 


1 HOUR light

2 HOUR medium

3 HOUR dark

4 HOUR ultra dark


This tan is colour correction. Meaning there is no way of going orange.


We can provide underwear in salon or wear something you feel most comfortable in. Please exfoliate before hand, no perfume, lotions or products on the skin.


Full body $35

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